Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Millers claims to have the lowest fares in Preston how is this determined?

A. Each Private Hire company in the City has to register its prices with the City Council a quick check with them will reveal the lowest fares. Hackney Carriages (Black Cabs) are all regulated by the council and their fares are fixed and Millers are always lower than them.

Q2. Millers claim to have the most modern fleet and indeed when looking around Preston they do seem to have a lot of new vehicles on the road. How can you afford these vehicles and yet provide the lowest prices in the City?

A. A very good question that requires answering in several ways.

  1. Millers uses the latest technology in controlling its vehicles so it is able to keep drivers dead mileage to a minimum thus saving money. With so many satisfied customers we are also able to keep our drivers busy throughout a shift again saving costs.
  2. The new vehicle policy increases reliability so saving down time.
  3. Servicing and repair costs are reduced.
  4. We choose vehicles with the environment in mind, as well as our customers, and economical engines are sought. These give off few harmful omissions so there are savings on fuel consumption and other incentives offered by the government, lower road tax as an example contribute towards savings.
  5. Safe driving is also an area that we pay particular attention to. Better driving leads to less wear and tear on tyres, suspensions and other parts so less cost there. Fewer accidents lead to lower insurance costs so again savings are made.

Q3. How can you be so cheap on airport transfers?

A. By having low prices to the airport we aim to link our drivers up with a return trip each time they take a passenger out. Likewise we have contracts that take us to or near our local airports so these too can be linked to our airport customers. The savings made using this philosophy are passed on to our customers by the way of reduced prices.

Q4. Will it cost me extra if my plane is delayed when I return from holiday?

A. The short answer to this is "not under normal circumstances". By that I mean if your plane is notified as having been delayed our dispatcher will pick this up and amend your pick up time thus delaying your drivers departure to meet you, avoiding additional costs. However should you experience a delay as a result of lost baggage for which you would be making a claim on insurance, then yes additional waiting time and parking costs would be charged, which of course you could claim back.

Q5. I run a business and require taxis at short notice, is there any way I can book taxis to pick my clients up and pay you later?

A. Yes. You may apply for an account with Millers and if accepted we will invoice you at month end. Why not use the application on this site and apply for on line booking at the same time?

Q6. Why do you require 30 minutes to get me to the train station in a morning, when the trip only takes 10 minutes?

A. We take your booking with us seriously and if you have a train to catch we want you to catch it. Road accidents, flat tyres, road closures at short notice though not all regular occurrences can and do happen, we like to provide sufficient time for us to get another vehicle to you in the event of a breakdown or if the need arises, for a diversion.

Q7. Why do I get a £1.01 charge on my card when I register with Millers?

This is a security check done by our card providers, it costs you nothing as there is a full refund a week later.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.