Terms & Conditions

Additional Charges

  • Pickup times from airports are made so that drivers may meet customers with luggage 45 minutes after LANDING TIME, passengers with hand luggage only if notified as such when making a booking will be met 30 minutes after LANDING TIME. Extra parking charges will be made for any additional parking costs with effect from 15 minutes after the meet time as calculated above. i.e. 1 hour after landing time. Note: Flight arrival times are monitored and planes tracked whilst in the air, by the company. Delays to flights will not automatically attract an additional charge as landing time will be recalculated to the revised landing time.
  • Pickups from other venues are allowed 5 minutes from the booked time. Waiting time is permitted to be charged after the five minutes has elapsed at a rate of £15.00 per hour. At busy times on local non pre booked jobs after 5 minutes a booked job may be cancelled unless the customer has advised the company of a delay. Additional charges relating to waiting time will be informed to the passenger before the journey commences.
  • If the arrival of our vehicle has been delayed for a pick up, the five minute rule will commence from the arrival time of our vehicle, this will be recorded by the arrival text system on our computerised system log.

Car Seats

  • Although taxis are exempt from carrying children without a car seat. We accept that customers can use their own if they like.
  • If a customer would like Millers to store the car seat for a period of time the cost would be £20 per seat.
  • In no event will Millers Citax Ltd be liable for any loss or damage that may incur, whilst in possession or in transit of such seat.
  • Any journeys undertaken using this service will automatically be entered into these terms and conditions with no signature required.

Phone Bookings

  • All phone bookings are taken with great care and detailed attention to ensure accuracy is maintained. Some of the bookings may be recorded for training and verification purposes.
  • We will not be held liable for any incorrect information provided to us by a third party.

Fraud Prevention

  • Any online credit/ debit card bookings will be subject to verification. Passengers making payments in vehicles may be asked to provide ID with the credit/debit card.

Vehicle Type

  • It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that they order the correct type of vehicle in order to carry the numbers of passengers and luggage. If in doubt please ring the company for advice. The Company accepts no responsibility for wrongly ordered vehicles and may at its discretion charge additional amounts to rectify mistakes.

Additional Drop Offs And Pick Ups

  • Additional drop offs and pickups will be charged at the additional mileage rate for the extra miles.

Booking Cancellations

  • A booking can be cancelled in advance by giving a minimum 12 hours notice. For cancellation after the 12 hour time limit a charge may be made at the company's discretion.

Missed Flights, Trains Or Boats

  • If the passenger missed a flight, train or boat then they must inform the company without delay. No extra charge for this type of situation will be made unless a driver has been dispatched to meet the contracted job prior to the company been notified of the situation.


  • Our routes prices are determined using the shortest route method under normal road conditions. Should severe adverse road conditions including accidents, unforeseen diversions, extreme weather etc, effect the normal route, the company reserves the right to charge additional costs.


  • The company accept no liability for costs incurred by a customer missing connections as a result of the following unforeseen events : Severe traffic delays, road closures, extreme and poor weather conditions, mechanical breakdown. The company will advise customers of any know potential issues that may affect their journey. The company will advise an alternative journey or commencement time. If the company's advice is not accepted then the customer accepts full responsibility for loss or incurred costs for that journey.