Lost Property Policy


We appreciate how stressful and inconvenient it can be when you can't find your belongings. You think that you have left your property in a Millers Taxi? Let us assist you in trying to reunite you with your possessions.


All lost property is dated & tagged as soon as it is brought into our office


If you've just got out of a taxi and realised you've misplaced your property, please call the booking line immediately on 01772 884000


First things first, if you think you've lost your bank cards we advise you to contact your card issuer immediately.


If it's your mobile phone or tablet that has gone missing, did you know you can track and lock them?


Should you need to log a lost property request, please fill in the requested information below.


Please note; lost property requests can only be processed during regular office hours.


Monday - Friday 9am - 4.30pm excluding bank holidays.


Lost Property Form




Pick up address

Drop off address

Mobile number

Email address

Lost item Description (as much detail as possible)



Additional notes






Millers Taxis do not accept responsibility for any lost property or items left in vehicles. We will do all we can to assist in reuniting you with your possessions. We will contact the driver on your behalf at the earliest opportunity.
In the event that your possession(s) are found; Millers Citax Ltd will instruct the driver to deliver the property to an agreed Preston address if he is in the area -If he is not in the area he will leave your property at our office. Should you wish to receive your item sooner, this can be arranged but may incur a booking charge.
In the unfortunate event that the driver does not find your property in the vehicle: in accordance with GDPR regulations we are unable to provide details of subsequent passengers details. Likewise we cannot provide you with the drivers personal details.


Unclaimed items


Millers Citax Ltd will hold any unclaimed lost property item(s) for a maximum of 3 months. After this it will either be given to a local charity shop or disposed of in the correct manor.